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Journal articles (2009), Ingenierie des Systemes D’Information, 14 (6), pp. 9-17

Vers l'ingénierie des évolutions

Information systems (IS) are subject to changes due to different factors, such as functional and non functional requirements evolution, business rules modifications, business processes redesigns, technological platforms upgrades, change in organizations and their associated strategies. The aim of this paper is to characterize these evolutions in order to identify research contributions to this area. Several IS evolution frameworks are presented and discussed. We assist at a new trend in IS research: evolution engineering.

AKOKA, J. and COMYN-WATTIAU, I. (2009). Vers l'ingénierie des évolutions. Ingenierie des Systemes D’Information, 14(6), pp. 9-17.

Keywords : #Cadre-de-référence, #Change, #Changement, #Evolution, #Information, #Ingénierie-des-évolutions, #Système-d'information