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Books (2019), Cambridge University Press

Microfoundations: Nature, Debate, and Promise

LINDER Stefan , FOSS Nicolai J.

'Microfoundations' has become prominent in the discourse of management scholars. But what is it and how does it matter? This Element provides a characterization of microfoundations based on classical work on the methodology of social science and documents and discusses its manifestations in management research over the last one and a half decades. It also covers the relation of microfoundations to multilevel research, criticisms of microfoundations, and empirical research strategies for microfoundations. Link to the article

FOSS, N.J. and LINDER, S. (2019). Microfoundations: Nature, Debate, and Promise. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Keywords : #microfoundations, #micro, #foundations, #strategic-management, #management, #ontology