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Journal articles (2010), Human Resource Management, 49 (3), pp. 501

Mentoring relationships in India: A qualitative exploratory study

Ramaswami Aarti , Dreher George

To supplement the extant mentoring literature that has taken a predominantly Western/U.S. perspective, the present study examined the nature of mentoring relationships in a highly power‐distant and collectivistic culture such as India. Twenty‐nine Indian masters of business administration (MBA) students participated in a qualitative study (using in‐depth interviews) regarding Indian conceptualizations of mentors, the dynamics of mentoring relationships, their mentoring experiences in India, and the practice of mentoring as a career management tool. Content analysis revealed that while some aspects of mentoring seem culturally invariant, other aspects might be influenced by careers and socio‐cultural contexts. The findings are discussed from relational and cultural perspectives with theoretical and practical implications for cross‐cultural management and human resource practice. © 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Link to the article

RAMASWAMI, A. and DREHER, G. (2010). Mentoring relationships in India: A qualitative exploratory study. Human Resource Management, 49(3), pp. 501.