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Working Papers (2012), ESSEC Business School

Femmes dans les conseils d'administration en France

This article provides food for thought on the new law challenging French Boards and society, requiring the establishment of quotas of female administrators on boards. We try to identify several conditions that could change the mix of power, to move towards a more added value on boards. The question of visibility and reputation is a key one: where are the female candidates? The purpose of this study is to determine visibility of female candidates, notably on the use of social media as a new tool to build reputation

DE BEAUFORT, V. and KHAYAT, M. (2012). Femmes dans les conseils d'administration en France. ESSEC Business School.

Keywords : #Changement-des-organisations, #Féminisation-des-CA, #Gouvernance-d'entreprise, #Promotion-des-femmes, #Usage-des-réseaux-sociaux