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Books (2022), Presses universitaires de France

Exercices spirituels philosophiques

The notion of spiritual exercise was developed within the various philosophical schools of antiquity, who developed techniques and methods so that everyone could achieve greater well-being, aiming at serenity. This practice of philosophy as a spiritual exercise irrigates all of Antiquity, from the Hellenistic period to the advent of Christianity, when philosophy became a discipline at the service of God. But in the Middle Ages, in the Renaissance and in the classical age, philosophy as a way of life persists. For the first time, the founding texts of spiritual exercises are grouped together in a single volume through seven major themes, each of which is divided into three distinct periods: Antiquity; the modern age; finally the contemporary period, from Emerson until the beginning of the 21st century. Link to the article

PAVIE, X. (2022). Exercices spirituels philosophiques. Presses universitaires de France.

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