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Journal articles (2014), Économie Rurale, 344, pp. 75-84

Coopératives agricoles : identité, enjeux et défis

Agricultural co-operatives are key players in the economy and rural areas. French agricultural cooperatives still invest more downstream value chains and internationally. They have particular challenges in terms of governance to manage their various stakeholders (co-op members, external funders), loyalty and training of their co-op members so they are the actors of their co-op development, market competitiveness. Link to the article

DECLERCK, F. (2014). Coopératives agricoles : identité, enjeux et défis. Économie Rurale, 344, pp. 75-84.

Keywords : #Coopérative, #Coopérative-agricole, #Défi, #Gouvernance