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Book chapters (2012), Prekarisierung und Flexibilisierung, Westfälisches Dampfboot, pp. 340-368

A Psycho-Sociological View on Precarity: The French Case

This chapter intends to show how a psycho-sociological perspective can illuminate questions related to precarity in bringing together sociological and psychological approaches that are generally developed separately. The demonstration relies on the French case, which secondarily evidences the specificity of national/regional contexts for understanding problems associated with precarity and flexibilisation, both at the societal and individual levels.

BOURGUIGNON, A. (2012). A Psycho-Sociological View on Precarity: The French Case. In: Hepp R.D. (ed.). Prekarisierung und Flexibilisierung. 1st ed. Westfälisches Dampfboot, pp. 340-368.

Keywords : #Culture, #Flexibilité, #France, #Précarité