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Journal articles (2015), Group Decision and Negotiation, 24 (2), pp. 333-358

A Foresight Support System Using MCDM Methods


In this paper, we demonstrate the design and use of a foresight support system (FSS) combining two multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) methods. Traditionally, foresight activities involves Delphi, focus group, or Estimate–Talk–Estimate techniques to collect opinions of an expert panel. Often, these techniques are not computerized and data visualization is rudimentary. Our highly-interactive FSS solves a number of inherent issues during the data collection, analysis, and results visualization processes. Despite that MCDM methods have been recommended for technology foresight, a validation with a real field experiment was still required. To evaluate our approach and FSS, we conducted a foresight exercise for the Swiss mobile payments market. Our research confirms that the use of MCDM methods supported with a computerized tool can enhance the foresight processes and results. Link to the article

ONDRUS, J., BUI, T. and PIGNEUR, Y. (2015). A Foresight Support System Using MCDM Methods. Group Decision and Negotiation, 24(2), pp. 333-358.

Keywords : #Foresight-support-systems, #Technology-foresight, #MCDM-methods