The second century of the automotive industry is bringing new opportunities that are paving the way for the revival of electric vehicles (EVs) and the development of electric mobility. However, this raises the question of whether traditional automakers are up to the challenge of adapting to the changing market. In this paper, the author assumes that incumbents are not up to the challenge if they continue to protect the industrial paradigm they established 100 years ago, and to implement their strategy merely by following the recommendations of conventional strategic frameworks. The author also examines how two complementary approaches to strategic marketing – the market orientation approach (MOA) and the value innovation approach (VIA) – can be implemented to construct the base of a new paradigm for automakers.
DONADA, C. (2013). Electric mobility calls for new strategic tools and paradigm for automakers. International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management, 13(2), pp. 167-182.