SOM Ashok, GURZKI Hannes Marten
Deutsche Telekom AG is today Europe’s largest telecommunications and information technology service providers and the fourth largest worldwide with a global revenue. It offers fixed-network, wireless and broadband or complex IT and telecommunications (ICT) solutions to private as well as corporate customers. As in 2007, Deutsche Telekom AG is represented in about 50 countries and generates more than half of the revenues abroad, mainly in Eastern Europe or the US. The company went public in 1995/1996 in the largest IPO of European history up to that date. This case treats the history of Deutsche Telekom AG’s evolvement out of the former state-owned Deutsche Bundespost conglomerate and its capability to transform itself within a fast changing market environment to a global player.
SOM, A. et GURZKI, H.M. (2010). Deutsche Telekom AG: from a state-owned monopolist to a global leader. ESSEC Business School.