In a world which tends, by an infinite desire for perfection, to become radicalized on all sides, it is essential to keep “gentleness”. The times show it only too well. Struggles for the noblest causes, including eminently that of the liberation of women, currently take many forms with deleterious effects. To serve both effectively such causes, it is necessary to “de-coincide” on certain fundamental points, to pose in the best possible way the problems to be disentangled. In particular, by questioning an approach to gender and contemporary consumerism inseparable from the rise of new technologies. A fundamental observation is all humans, whatever their genetic sex, carry within them both feminine and masculine. By recognizing the subtle and delicate existence that results for each and every one of us, we free the way to a renewed understanding between the sexes, for the best of the future of humanity.
BIBARD, L. (2022). Dé-coïncider d’avec les études de genre. Paris: Descartes & Cie.