Creativity and novelty are now systematically put forward as essential foundations of value creation in contemporary organizations. Creativity has often been melted in wider innovation or problem solving concerns, or restricted to the initial step of innovation processes, We adopt a process view in order to capture the dynamics of creative work, while detailing the specificities of creative work, with its material, spatial and temporal entanglements, as well as the actors involved, within the specific context of the focal organizations and the institutional field of haute cuisine. We identify three facets in creative work, which correspond to different activity, specific people involved, time and space. These facets are not linear, and though organized differently, these three facets are found in our three cases. We describe these facets, the activities lead, the people involved, the material and temporal arrangements. We detail how they exemplify the social nature of creativity, which has been sparsely showed so far. In particular, we find that each of these facets distinctively incorporates haute cuisine rules and organizational stakes in creativity.
BOUTY, I. et GOMEZ, M.L. (2013). Creativity At Work: Generating Useful Novelty In Organizations. Dans: Fifth International Symposium on Process Organization Studies. University of Cyprus.