Background. In France, stroke is the first cause of acquired disability for adults, the second cause of dementia and the third cause of death. Nonetheless, their economic burden for society is insufficiently documented. Aims. The aim of the study was to synthetize existing published data on the cost of stroke in France. Methods. A literature review of all studies published since 2000 and related to the cost of stroke in France was performed. Results. Total annual expenditures funded by social security was Billion 8.7 € in 2007. Expenditures for the first year after the event was around one-third of this amount, whereas health care expenditures for patients beyond the first year and social services represented each another third. Depending on sources and nature of the initial event, the direct medical cost for the first year ranged between € 7,839 for a mild ischemic stroke to € 41,437 for a severe haemorrhagic stroke. Conclusion. The review confirms the important economic burden of stroke for the French society. This burden goes beyond the expenditures incurred for the initial event. In particular, the management of disability represents a substantial share, which is still unperfectly documented in the French context.
PUYOU DE POUVOURVILLE, G. (2016). Coût de la Prise en Charge des Accidents Vasculaires Cérébraux en France. Archives of Cardiovascular Diseases Supplements, 8(2), pp. 161-168.