DION Delphine, DE BOISSIEU Elodie
This research analyses the marketing practices used to perpetuate the charismatic legitimacy of a luxury brand. On the basis of interviews with various actors in the haute-cuisine field and the analysis of gastronomic restaurant websites, we identified several actions to (1) create a lineage between chefs, a process that allows the new chef to be in line with the charismatic authority of a founding chef and (2) stage this lineage through the offer and the scenography of the premises. On the basis of these results and by transposing the theory of the two bodies of the King of Kantorowicz, we study the concept of the two bodies of the brand. We propose a set of recommendations for building the two bodies of the brand and arranging these two elements via a lineage.
DION, D. et DE BOISSIEU, E. (2013). Construction et mise en scène d’un lignage: le cas des chefs dans la haute cuisine. Décisions Marketing, 70, pp. 25-42.