The aim of this habilitation thesis is to give an overview of my works on high-dimensional statistics and statistical learning, under various sparsity assumptions. In a first part, I will describe the major challenges of high-dimensional statistics in the context of the generic linear regression model. After a brief review of existing results, I will present the theoretical study of aggregated estimators that was done in (Alquier & Lounici 2011). The second part essentially aims at providing extensions of the various theories presented in the first part to the estimation of time series models (Alquier & Doukhan 2011, Alquier & Wintenberger 2013, Alquier & Li 2012, Alquier, Wintenberger & Li 2012). Finally, the third part presents various extensions to nonparametric models, or to specific applications such as quantum statistics (Alquier & Biau 2013, Guedj & Alquier 2013, Alquier, Meziani & Peyré 2013, Alquier, Butucea, Hebiri, Meziani & Morimae 2013, Alquier 2013, Alquier 2008). In each section, we provide explicitely the estimators used and, as much as possible, optimal oracle inequalities satisfied by these estimators.
ALQUIER, P. (2013). Constributions to Statistical Learning in Sparse Models. Paris: France.