LINDER Stefan, ANDERSEN Torben Juul, TORP Simon
This first chapter argues that turbulent environments require adaptive strategy for survival and continued prosperity and thereby introduces the attempts to determine effective response capabilities in contemporary firms, which are presented in the ensuing chapters. The background in prior strategy research is outlined to position the various contributions within a proper backdrop as potential extensions to prior insights generated in the strategic management field. It suggests a need for multiple methodological approaches to gain new diverse and relevant knowledge from rich qualitative field studies as well as quantitative data probes and computational analyses. Finally, the ensuing chapters are briefly presented to provide a coherent view of the contributions made by this specific collection of chapters that the authors hope will inspire and fuel ongoing work in this important area.
ANDERSEN, T.J., TORP, S. et LINDER, S. (2019). Chapter 1 Introduction: Adaptive Strategy-making in Turbulent Environments. Dans: Torben Juul Andersen, Simon Torp, Stefan Linder eds. Strategic Responsiveness and Adaptive Organizations: New Research Frontiers in International Strategic Management. 1 ed. Emerald Publishing Limited, pp. 1-8.