Conference Proceedings
Carrefour, since its merger with Promodes in 1999, is ranked as the French world challenger and the European leader in the retail industry. Carrefour followed an aggressive growth strategy be becoming global from early 1970s. The case discusses and highlighs the (a) entry strategy of Carrefour and the Latin market (b) its growth strategy by acquisitions (c) the linkage of its strategic intent of profitability, core competence, organizational capability and its business strategy (d) marketing, pricing, branding, use of private label strategy (e) its overall strategy of conquering markets by fast local adaptation to individual markets and its responsiveness to local business focussing on Latin America and the Colombian market.
SOM, A. (2004). Carrefour : Conquer of Latin America. Dans: Proceedings of the North American Case Research Association. North American Case Research Association.