Brunello Cucinelli, the so called ‘human artisan’, the renaissance man, founder of the eponymous family brand, has been able to create a new concept. He has founded an Italian house that is the perfect reflection of his philosophy of ‘humanistic capitalism’. Through his vision he has created an agile and sustainable business model that encompasses his humanistic values that builds on his lifetime achievement of focusing on tradition, craftsmanship, respect for his origin and the territory, in the village of Solomeo. Not only that. He has been successful in digitalizing this concept through his different projects to transmit his dream ‘to work for the moral and economic dignity of the mankind’. The digital transformation of this philosophy was to represent the ideals of ‘Beauty, Humanity and Truth’ which are the pillars of this unique brand, where sustainability is at the base of the daily activities. The case of Cucinelli represents, a new form of brand telling, where the digital has the aim to give to customers a more human virtual relationship.
SOM, A. (2020). Brunello Cucinelli: What Next for the Renaissance Man? ESSEC Business School.