This case study is particularly original because it traces the development of Auroville, a utopian community founded in South-East India in the mid-20th century, while reflecting on the entrepreneurial ventures established within the community. Another specific feature of this case is that it is the result of a months-long joint effort by a group of students and local players, both remotely and in person. The case is structured into two main sections: firstly, a presentation of Auroville – its beginnings, its organisation and economy, and how business functions in the community; the second section focuses more specifically on four practical examples of entrepreneurship – Probiotics, Aquadyn, Aurovelo and Ecofemme.
PAVIE, X. (2019). Auroville, from utopia to responsible Innovation: from the emergence of a utopian community to the development of entrepreneurial initiatives. ESSEC Business School.