Marketing has become increasingly data-driven in recent years as a result of new emerging technologies such as AI, granular data availability and ever-growing analytics tools. With this trend only set to continue, it’s vital for marketers today to be comfortable in their use of data and quantitative approaches and have a thorough grounding in understanding and using marketing analytics in order to gain insights, support strategic decision-making, solve marketing problems, maximise value and achieve success. Taking a very hands-on approach with the use of real-world datasets, case studies and R (a free statistical package), this book supports students and practitioners to explore a range of marketing phenomena using various applied analytics tools, with a balanced mix of technical coverage alongside marketing theory and frameworks. Chapters include learning objectives, figures, tables and questions to help facilitate learning. Also included online with the datasets are software codes and solutions (R Markdowns, HTML files) to use with the book, as well as PowerPoint slides, a teaching guide and a testbank for instructors teaching a marketing analytics course. This book is essential reading for advanced level marketing students and marketing practitioners who want to become cutting-edge marketers.
YILDIRIM, G. et KÜBLER, R. (2023). Applied Marketing Analytics with R. 1st ed. London, Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications.