ARCHETTI Claudia, KE Liangjun, FENG Zuren
The team orienteering problem (TOP) involves finding a set of paths from the starting point to the ending point such that the total collected reward received from visiting a subset of locations is maximized and the length of each path is restricted by a pre-specified limit. In this paper, an ant colony optimization (ACO) approach is proposed for the team orienteering problem. Four methods, i.e., the sequential, deterministic-concurrent and random-concurrent and simultaneous methods, are proposed to construct candidate solutions in the framework of ACO. We compare these methods according to the results obtained on well-known problems from the literature. Finally, we compare the algorithm with several existing algorithms. The results show that our algorithm is promising.
KE, L., ARCHETTI, C. et FENG, Z. (2008). Ants can solve the team orienteering problem. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 54(3), pp. 648-665.