The Handbook of Islamic Marketing, edited by Ozlem Sandikci and Gillian Rice, provides state-of-the-art scholarship on the intersection of Islam, consumption and marketing and lays out an agenda for future research. The topics covered by eminent contributors from around the world range from fashion and food consumption practices of Muslims to retailing, digital marketing, advertising, corporate social responsibility and nation branding in the context of Muslim marketplaces. The essays offer new insights into the relationship between morality, consumption and marketing practices and discuss the implications of politics and globalization for Islamic markets. This comprehensive Handbook provides an essential introduction to the newly emerging field of Islamic marketing. It is invaluable for researchers and students in international marketing who are interested in the intersection of Islam and marketing as well as those from anthropology and sociology studying Muslim consumers and businesses. The book also supplies vital knowledge for Muslim and non-Muslim business leaders generating commerce in Islamic communities.
PROKOPEC, S. et KURDY, M. (2011). An International Marketing Strategy Perspective on Islamic Marketing. Dans: Handbook of Islamic Marketing. 1st ed. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, pp. 208-225.