ARCHETTI Claudia, COELHO Leandro C., SPERANZA Maria Grazia
The Inventory Routing Problem with Logistic Ratio (IRPLR) is a variant of the classical IRP where, instead of the total distribution cost, the ratio between the total distribution cost and the total delivered quantity is minimized, giving rise to a fractional objective function. An exact algorithm is known, solving instances with up to 15 customers. We propose an iterative exact algorithm where, at each iteration, an IRP with a linear objective function is solved. Experiments show that the proposed algorithm is faster when the number of vehicles is small, solving instances with more customers and a longer planning horizon.
ARCHETTI, C., COELHO, L.C. et SPERANZA, M.G. (2019). An Exact Algorithm for the Inventory Routing Problem with Logistic Ratio. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 131, pp. 96-107.