agnès b. is an accessible luxury fashion brand established in 1976 by Agnès Troublé, a French fashion designer. The brand is known for its timeless style and designs. In addition to accessible luxury apparel, agnès b. has grown into a brand with handbags, accessories, shoes, eyewear, watches and home interior goods, which are all encompassed under the galaxy of a lifestyle brand. agnès b. also has a few art galleries in France, USA and Hong Kong, a contemporary art publication, and even a film production company. In markets outside France, the brand has some product extensions that are unique to each market, such as chocolate boutiques, restaurants, cafés and florists in Hong Kong. Businesses in Asia contribute to a large share of the brand’s annual sales due to its popularity and numerous points of sales in cities such as Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Besides her designs, agnès Troublé and her brand are also known for her support for several associations and organizations that focus on environmental, cultural and social issues. The case discusses (a) the reasons for it success outside its home market (b) the reasons for its geographic and product diversification across markets (c) its survival strategy as a standalone single family brand within multi-brand conglomerates (d) the reason for agnès b’s success (e) the reason for the brands socially responsible approach.
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