In light of recent market events, the notion of responsible-innovation has received ever-increasing attention from the media and the industry as a whole.The current age of fast-paced technological and non-technological innovations which stand under constant scrutiny by the hordes of social media users, capable of destroying a company’s global reputation in a matter of minutes mean that it is now in an organisation’s best interest to be responsible.Naturally, a firm also needs to innovate in order to create value, therefore remaining protitable.However, innovation and responsibility have traditionally been considered to hamper one another.How can a firm achieve the right balance to keep innovating on products, services and/or processes while implementing responsibility all along its activities? Research suggests that this very balance could become an invaluable source of competitive advantage.In fact, responsible-innovation may even become a tool to win back customer confidence previously lost to the crisis.This paper presents a sulnmaly of findings tiom research conducted by partners of a European meta-network surrounding responsible-innovation.Although the concept of responsible-innovation has received increasing attention and publicity, there is still no concrete detinition of the term.This paper will attempt to determine exactly what responsible-innovation means.It will also provide a guiding framework for implementing it into an organisation.
PAVIE, X. et CARTHY, D. (2013). A strategy and process for integrating responsible-innovation into organizations. Dans: 1st International Conference on Innovation and Sustainability. Kuala Lumpur: ICOIS.