Research has promoted transdisciplinarity as a complementary management educational perspective to prepare future decision-makers in addressing today’s increasingly complex global socio-economic and environmental challenges, and in conducting business in a sustainable and responsible way. We explore the practical applicability of the concept of transdisciplinarity to management education. We extend the theoretical discourse to the concretization of transdisciplinary ideas and propositions for business school curricula. We show that a transdisciplinary teaching approach confronts students at levels with different modes of thinking, imagining and feeling, and provides them with critical self-reflections, creativity, different frames of references, and an openness and confidence to conduct business in a sustainable and responsible way.
GRÖSCHL, S. et PAVIE, X. (2020). Transdisciplinarity Applied to Management Education: A Case Study. Journal of Education for Business, 95(7), pp. 451-457.