Articles ou vidéos de vulgarisation
« I am a one-man multinational fashion phenomenon, and delighted to be one.” Karl Lagerfeld said in 2017. At age of 85, the designer had inexhaustible energy. One of his latest collaborations was with the influencer Olivia Palermo. Karl Lagerfeld said once that he was immortal and yet, here we are, the Kaiser died on February 19. He was often described in grandiloquent terms – the maestro of fashion, a sacred monster of fashion, prodigy, etc., but in 37 years, he has certainly had the time to establish his identity and a solid presence on the international scene. We cannot help but wonder: “Will Chanel survive the loss of its charismatic artistic director?”
DION, D. (2019). The King is dead, long live the king. ESSEC Knowledge.