DION Delphine, BORRAZ Stéphane, ZEITOUN Valérie
Starting from Georges Devereux’s research into ethnopsychiatry, we are studying the role of psychoanalytical countertransference in qualitative methodologies. Countertransference refers to the effects that fieldwork can have on a researcher and in particular on the emotional reactions aroused by encounters in the field. While the researcher normally tries to neutralise or suppress their emotions when seeking objectivity, we show in this edition of New perspectives that the choice of a reflexive approach which takes countertransference into account will help enhance our understanding of the phenomena being studied. We propose a number of recommendations for countertransference to be taken into account in interpretative research in marketing.
DION, D., BORRAZ, S. et ZEITOUN, V. (2021). Subjectivity and reflexivity: The contributions of countertransference to interpretative research. Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 36(1), pp. 65-81.