The e-commerce player is known for its eclectic, fashion-forward merchandising mix that caters to its niche clientele; 80% of which were coveted millennials, between 18 and 34. With 82-per-cent compounded annual sales growth since its inception, the privately-owned business must continue to grow its business in an increasingly competitive environment. As competition increase and competitors are trying unique ways to differentiate themselves in the growing online fashion space, can SSENSE sustain its competitive advantage while continuing to earn positive profits? How and where should SSENSE expand its operations? This case discusses the following: (a) SSENSE’s strategy and how it built its competitive advantage (b) the state and evolution of e-commerce in the luxury industry (c) the competitive landscape (d) SSENSE’s omni-channel approach (e) the prospects for future growth.
SOM, A. (2019). SSENSE: Pioneering e-Commerce in the Luxury Industry. ESSEC Business School.