LORINO Philippe, LOWE Alan, NAMA Yesh, BRYER Alice, CHABRAK Nihel, DAMBRIN Claire, JEACLE Ingrid, LIND Johnny, ROBSON Keith, BOTTAUSCI Chiara, SPENCE Crawford, CARTER Chris, SVETLOVA Ekaterina
The purpose of this paper is to report the outcome of an interdisciplinary discussion on the concepts of profit and profitability and various ways in which we could potentially problematize these concepts. It is our hope that a much greater attention or reconsideration of the problematization of profit and related accounting numbers will be fostered in part by the exchanges we include here.
LORINO, P., LOWE, A., NAMA, Y., BRYER, A., CHABRAK, N., DAMBRIN, C. … SVETLOVA, E. (2020). Problematizing profit and profitability: Discussions. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 1233(4), pp. 753-793.