On an evening in January 2010, Manoj Kumar, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Indian non-profit organisation Naandi Foundation, was coming home from his Hyderabad office. As usual, he greeted Varun, his watchman, and gazed amused at Varun’s children playing on the ground. He asked Varun how his children were doing at school, if they were learning anything. Willing to show the importance he was attaching to their education, Varun answered proudly that he had quit soda to save money to keep sending them to school. Varun was proud of the sacrifice he was making for his children to keep them at an affordable private school (APS). Many parents, like Varun, prefer these schools to free of charge government schools because of their better quality. Manoj Kumar realised to what extent education represented a real luxury for lower class Indians. Indeed Varun, who actually had a good position compared to many living in Hyderabad, was forced to abandon a minor pleasure for his children to access what he believed to be good education.
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