Actes d’une conférence
The mobile application market has generated significant interest in the business community. One major issue when developing mobile applications is the fragmentation of the mobile device market. This fragmentation and the fierce competition between the different mobile platforms (e.g., iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry) preclude mobile application portability between operating systems. Therefore, companies have to evaluate what development strategies are suitable for them: i) mobile native apps, ii) web apps, or iii) hybrid apps. In order to address this issue, this short research-in-progress paper presents the first steps towards the design of a decision support system (DSS) to evaluate these different mobile application development strategies. Using a design science approach, this research effort establishes a list of relevant criteria to differentiate the current strategies. As each strategy has benefits and drawbacks, we provide a preliminary step towards the creation of a prescriptive model to enable better decision-making while making trade-offs possible.
HOLZER, A. et ONDRUS, J. (2012). Mobile App Development: Native or Web? Dans: Proceedings of the Eleventh Workshop on E-Business (WEB 2012). Association for Information Systems (AIS).