Thales is a French company with business interests in integrated solutions for the electronics and efence sectors. It was founded as a multinational company over 100 years before. Thales, today , is consedered to be one of the most famous international arms manufacturers that generate more than 50% of its total sales. The objective of this case research article is to discuss and discover the issues related to the professional electronics and arms industry, a sector rarely discussed and not so well-known. The case throws light upon the innovation, Research & Dvt in the lectronics and the arms business, ethical dilemma, the company’s internal organization and the role of the State.
SOM, A. (2008). Innovation and R&D in the Global Environment: The Case of Group Thales. Dans: GBID 2008: Innovation and Development for Economic Growth in the Global Environment. COPPE-UFRJ, pp. 67-75.