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Articles (2021), Harvard Business Review, online

Why Young Professionals Should Prioritize Rest Over Work

RUSSO Marcello, LUPU Ioana

How can you develop habits early in your career that will help you create a good work-life balance and avoid burnout? You have to start by understanding why you overwork in the first place. Are you just following the lead of your workaholic boss? Are you trying to get ahead and think that working long hours will help you get there? Are you trying to show others that you are a hard worker? Or does being busy help you feel important? Given all the reasons you may choose work over rest, how can you start to create the work-life balance you need? Start by gaining self-awareness. How do you feel about your tendency to overwork? Then, take back control of your time by setting boundaries, communicating with your colleagues, and learning to say no. It may also be helpful to redefine your free time — it’s not “unproductive time,” it helps you recharge. Finally, if you feel you cannot make progress toward the work-life balance you desire, you may want to consider quitting your job and finding a new one. Lien vers l'article

RUSSO, M. and LUPU, I. (2021). Why Young Professionals Should Prioritize Rest Over Work. Harvard Business Review, online.