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Articles (2012), Computers & Operations Research, 39 (5), pp. 1122-1132

Truck driver scheduling in Australia

Goel Asvin, ARCHETTI Claudia , Savelsbergh Martin

In September 2008 new regulations for managing heavy vehicle driver fatigue entered into force in Australia. According to the new regulations there is a chain of responsibility ranging from drivers to dispatchers and shippers and thus, carriers must explicitly consider driving and working hour regulations when generating truck driver schedules. This paper presents and studies the Australian Truck Driver Scheduling Problem (AUS-TDSP) which is the problem of determining whether a sequence of locations can be visited within given time windows in such a way that driving and working activities of truck drivers comply with Australian Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue Law. Lien vers l'article

GOEL, A., ARCHETTI, C. and SAVELSBERGH, M. (2012). Truck driver scheduling in Australia. Computers & Operations Research, 39(5), pp. 1122-1132.

Mots clés : #Vehicle-scheduling, #Hours-of-service-regulations