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Etudes de cas déposées (2014), ESSEC Business School

The Temasek universal expo, bilateral negotiation

Chao Ta-Wei, COLSON Aurélien , Lebrun-Kuan Severine

Bilateral negotiation, in teams of 3 negotiators, between two major countries, Temasek and Tuva, over the conclusion of Tuva's participation agreement to the Temasek Universal Expo. This role play simulation is inspired by a real case. The acquisition of this role is necessarily with the other role. Lien vers l'article

CHAO, T.W., COLSON, A. and LEBRUN-KUAN, S. (2014). The Temasek universal expo, bilateral negotiation. ESSEC Business School.

Mots clés : #Cross, #cultural-negotiations, #Team-negotiations, #Cross, #cultural-gap, #Low-context-cultures, #High-context-cultures, #Adaptation-strategy, #International-Negotiations