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Etudes de cas déposées (2008), ESSEC Business School

Saint-Gobain: the expansion option in India and/or China

SOM Ashok , Bindra H.

Saint Gobain, is a French company and is amongst the leaders in the float glass industry. The company has the strategy of steady, strong and profitable growth. Saint Gobain has been achieving this target by both organic growth and by external growth through its acquisitions. To fuel this growth, the company is considering investments in two of the fastest growing economies in Asia, namely China and India. Not only do these countries provide a significant domestic demand but also have the potential to be used as a hub for exporting to countries in south Asia and east Africa. The company needs to analyse the investment and growth opportunities in these two countries and to evaluate whether such an investment would be in line with its overall strategy. There is a Japanese translation available. Lien vers l'article

SOM, A. and BINDRA, H. (2008). Saint-Gobain: the expansion option in India and/or China. ESSEC Business School.

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