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Documents de travail (2023), ESSEC Business School Research Center

On the relation between extremal dependence and concomitants


The study of concomitants has recently met a renewed interest due to its applications in selection procedures. For instance, concomitants are used in rankedset sampling, to achieve efficiency and reduce cost when compared to the simple random sampling. In parallel, the search for new methods to provide a rich description of extremal dependence among multiple time series has rapidly grown, due also to its numerous practical implications and the lack of suitable models to assess it. Here, our aim is to investigate extremal dependence when choosing the concomitants approach. In this study, we show how the extremal dependence of a vector (X, Y) impacts the asymptotic behavior of the maxima over subsets of concomitants. Furthermore, discussing the various conditions and results, we investigate how transformations of the marginal distributions of X and Y influence the degeneracy of the limit.

KRATZ, M. and KHORAMI CHOKAMI, A. (2023). On the relation between extremal dependence and concomitants. WP 2301, ESSEC Business School Research Center.

Mots clés : #Asymptotic-Theorems, #Concomitants, #Copula, #(Tail)-Dependence, #Extremes, #Gaussian, #Logistic, #Maxima, #Order-Statistics, #Pareto, #Slowly/Regularly, #Varying-Functions, #Tail-Equivalence, #Weak-Convergence