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Communications dans une conférence (2020), 49th European Marketing Academy, (64043), European Marketing Academy (EMAC)

Oases of Deceleration: How Firms Shape Experience of Deceleration

BERGER-REMY Fabienne, DUBREUIL Clément, DION Delphine , ALBERTINI Elisabeth

Slow food, slow fashion, slow tech… Consumers increasingly engage in slow forms of consumption as opportunities to slow-down. Drawing from research on social acceleration and consumer deceleration, we investigate how firms manage experience of deceleration. We study a fine dining restaurant which exemplifies deceleration oasis, i.e. protected spaces where the speed and rhythm of life is temporarily slowed down. We identify elements that craft an experience of deceleration, e.g. simplicity and fluidity. We emphasize the role of backstage and time framing in shaping deceleration. The experience of deceleration draws on hidden complexity and speed, and long-term framing. Lien vers l'article

BERGER-REMY, F., DUBREUIL, C., DION, D. and ALBERTINI, E. (2020). Oases of Deceleration: How Firms Shape Experience of Deceleration. In: 49th European Marketing Academy, (64043). Budapest.

Mots clés : #Service-encounter, #Consumer-experience, #Luxury