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Direction d'ouvrage (2002), Physica-Verlag

Multivariate Total Quality Control: Foundation and Recent Advances

Esposito Vinzi Vincenzo , Lauro Carlo, Antoch Jaromir, Saporta Gilbert

The major focus of the book is on using the methods suitable for an on-line and off-line process control both in the univariate and multivariate case. The authors not only concentrate on the standard situation when the errors accompanying the observed process are normally distributed, but also describe in detail the more general situations that call for the use of the robust and non-parametric approaches. Within these approaches, the use of recent methods of the multivariate analysis in the total quality control is enhanced with particular reference to the customer satisfaction area, the monitoring of interval data and the comparison of patterns generated from multioccasion observations. The authors cover both pratical computational aspects of the problem and the necessary mathematical background, taking into account requirements of total quality control.

ESPOSITO VINZI, V., LAURO, C., ANTOCH, J. and SAPORTA, G. [Eds] (2002). Multivariate Total Quality Control: Foundation and Recent Advances. Heidelberg: Physica-Verlag.

Mots clés : #Multivariate-Analysis, #Quality-ControlOn, #line-and-off, #line-process-control, #robust-and-non, #parametric-approaches, #customer-satisfaction, #interval-data, #multioccasion-observations