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Etudes de cas déposées (2012), ESSEC Business School

Michael Page: who needs an HR department ?

CERDIN Jean-Luc , Wodetzki Béatrice

This case study presents the functioning of a recruiting firm in the human resource management aspect. More specifically, it describes the example of the firm's French subsidiary. Michael Page has developed with a very particular model of human resource management. There is no separate HR department, this function being carried out by directors and operational managers. We propose that students reflect on the case of Michael Page as a company that has to manage the main aspects of HRM: recruiting, training, career management, evaluation and compensation. Lien vers l'article

CERDIN, J.L. and WODETZKI, B. (2012). Michael Page: who needs an HR department ? ESSEC Business School.

Mots clés : #Human-Resource-Management-/-HRM, #Human-Resources-Department-/-DHR, #Recruiting, #Training, #Career-management, #Evaluation, #Compensation, #Recruiting-firm, #Human-Resource-Management