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Articles (2017), Management Revue: Socio-economic Studies, 28 (2), pp. 204-226

Leading Resistance to Doing Business as Usual


In our inductive work, we extend the discourse of leadership and resistance by addressing the auxiliary role resistance has played so far in leadership. In our exploratory study of Jochen Zeitz’s leadership at Puma, we illustrate how a key decision maker resists the unsustainable usage of common pool resources and how resistance can move beyond its often ascribed auxiliary and antagonistic role. By extending the focus of resisters to an executive management level, and by moving away from the commonly used leader-follower constellation, we provide the basis to explore further the ‘overlooked potential’ of resistance within the context of leadership. Lien vers l'article

GRÖSCHL, S. and GABALDON, P. (2017). Leading Resistance to Doing Business as Usual. Management Revue: Socio-economic Studies, 28(2), pp. 149-172.