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Articles (2022), European Journal of Operational Research, 301 (3), pp. 1117-1132

Inventory routing in a warehouse: The storage replenishment routing problem


In warehouses, storage replenishment operations involve the transportation of items to capacitated item slots in the forward storage area from reserve storage. These items are later picked from these slots as demand arises. While order picking constitutes the majority of warehouse operating costs, efficient management of replenishment operations is important to ensure the availability of the items for picking and to decrease the operating costs due to replenishment, which might be particularly higher in warehouses with fast-moving items (e.g., e-commerce warehouses or retail distribution centers). In this paper, we define the storage replenishment routing problem in a parallel-aisle warehouse, where replenishment and order picking operations are carried out in successive cycles with time limits. The aim is to determine the item slots that will be replenished and the route of the replenishment worker in each replenishment cycle, so as to minimize the total travel time and ensure the availability of items at the start of the cycle they will be picked. Lien vers l'article

MELIH CELIK, M., ARCHETTI, C. and HALDUN SURAL, H. (2022). Inventory routing in a warehouse: The storage replenishment routing problem. European Journal of Operational Research, 301(3), pp. 1117-1132.

Mots clés : #Routing, #warehouse-management, #storage-replenishment, #order-picking, #inventory-routing, #heuristics