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Etudes de cas déposées (2004), ESSEC Business School

Evolution of Alstom: role of the French state

SOM Ashok , Gbahoue B.

The case illustrates the evolution of a French conglomerate and its relationship with the French state since its inception in 1898. Historically the French state has helped Alstom from its inception starting from establishing its technological prestige through the TGV project, demerging Alstom from Alcatel, and finally when refinancing Alstom with a bail-out package of 3.4 billion euros to prevent it from going bankrupt. The case tries to understand the issues of competitive advantage of nations and the role of the state in the light of the Alstom example. Lien vers l'article

SOM, A. and GBAHOUE, B. (2004). Evolution of Alstom: role of the French state. ESSEC Business School.

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