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Documents de travail (2018), ESSEC Business School

Crowdfunding with Overenthusiastic Investors: A Global Game Model


Crowdfunding platforms are providing funds to an increasing number of projects, among which many have a strong social/community impact. Under a all-or-nothing program, the success of the investment depends on the ability of a crowd of potential investors to put their funds into the project without an explicit coordination device. With heterogeneous information, such a problem can be analyzed as a typical global game. We assume that signals of at least some agents present a systematic positive bias, driven by positive emotions about projects with high social/community impact. The analysis reveals that if the number of such overenthusiastic persons is large enough, crowdfunding. finance might support financially inefficient projects. We then analyze how a monopolistic platform optimally determines transaction fees and unveil the relationship between overenthusiasm and the pro.t of the platform. Lien vers l'article

BESANCENOT, D. and VRANCEANU, R. (2018). Crowdfunding with Overenthusiastic Investors: A Global Game Model. ESSEC Business School.

Mots clés : #Crowdfunding, #entrepreneurship, #global-games, #overenthusiasm, #behavioral-IO.