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Articles (1999), Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 7 (4), pp. 8-19

Anatomy of Exchange

Anderson Wilton Thomas, Challagalla Goutam N., MCFARLAND Richard

Although exchange has been the acknowledged core concept in marketing for nearly four decades, a general theory of exchange with “generic” applicability in any organizational context is yet to be developed. The authors argue that the objective of exchange defmes and directs the relevant exchange network, process and content—within the exchange context in which exchange occurs. Hence, marketing is but one of many possible ways to create exchanges-its effectiveness in creating exchanges is defmed by the exchange objectives.

ANDERSON, W.T., CHALLAGALLA, G.N. and MCFARLAND, R. (1999). Anatomy of Exchange. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 7(4), pp. 8-19.