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Articles (2019), Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 39 (3), pp. 238-253

An updated taxonomy of salesperson influence tactics

To advance research on salesperson influence tactics (the means through which salespeople persuade buyers), scholars need strong measures. We update the existing theoretically derived taxonomy of seller influence tactics (SITs), improving definitions and measurement of the original six SITs and adding a seventh influence tactic, personal appeals, to the taxonomy. The article begins by reviewing the broader persuasion and influence literature and then, more specifically, the interpersonal influence literature. The SITs taxonomy is placed in context of this literature and specific recommendations are made, including the suggested use of this taxonomy in sales research. A multistage process was used to update the measures, including a literature review, feedback of domain experts, several rounds of pretests, and a final study using 322 professional buyers to evaluate measurement characteristics and establish nomological validity for the updated SITs taxonomy. Through this work, we have broadened the appeal of the SITs framework by incorporating a new influence tactic, which will be of interest to sales researchers, and provided updated definitions of the constructs and improvements to the items used for each influence tactic. Strong arguments support the use of the SITs taxonomy versus alternative taxonomies, giving researchers confidence in their use. Lien vers l'article

MC FARLAND, R. and DIXON, A. (2019). An updated taxonomy of salesperson influence tactics. Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 39(3), pp. 238-253.

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