This article shows how the foundations of the journal Recherche et Applications en Marketing were laid by the AFM (Association Française du Marketing – French Marketing Association). It underlines the context of its creation and recalls the main issues and challenges that successive editors-in-chief, during the launch (1986–1989) and consolidation periods (1990–2010), had to face with regard to the evolution of its environment. It analyzes the positioning of the journal in terms of international academic standards and of content. It raises remnant issues and outlines some perspectives for the future. However, mainly, this article shows how the creation and development of the journal was a shared adventure for the successive editors and the AFM, on the basis of common academic values.
PRAS, B. (2021). Foundations and evolution of: Recherche et Applications en Marketing A shared adventure. Recherche et Applications en Marketing (English Edition), 36(2), pp. 75-87.