LE NAGARD Emmanuelle, DESMET Pierre, LACAN Camille
To quickly develop awareness of time-limited offers, marketers use an increasing number of eWOM solicitations, whereby they ask their customers to spread statements to their friends and acquaintances about products or a company. Despite growing interest in this communication tool, very little is known about what makes an efficient solicitation strategy. This research examines the drivers of consumers’ willingness to generate solicited eWOM for a time-limited offer. Using an experimental framework, this research shows that the most efficient strategy for generating solicited eWOM when it is the most valuable is to solicit well before the deadline using a gain- (loss-) framing solicitation on engaged (nonengaged) individuals.
LACAN, C., LE NAGARD, E. et DESMET, P. (2022). Drivers of Consumers’ Willingness to Answer an eWOM Solicitation for a Time-Limited Offer. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 57(2), pp. 343-355.