We propose a theory to manage the uneasy relation between strategic choice, chance, and determinism(or inevitability). To do so, we locate arguments in intellectual history that have a clear bearing on this relation. We introduce and defend four conjectures that outline the relationship between each of them and their comparative significance. The paper thus aims at achieving three objectives: (a) to articulate a philosophically sustainable theory of strategic choice that corroborates experience (without beign induced by it), (b) to synthesize what remains one of the most sustained debates in strategy, namely the nature, role, and relation of choice, chance and determinism, and(c) to contribute to develping a foundation for multilevel research.
ROND (DE), M. et THIETART, R.A. (2007). Choice, Chance, and Inevitability in Strategy. Strategic Management Journal, 28(5), pp. 535-551.